Starlight 11. Workbook unit 3. Curfew for teenagers.

Watch the videos, read the text on p. 32 (WB), and say what you think about the scheme.

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  1. Александр Буравчиков says:

    In my opinion, the curfew helps children to stay away from troubles. Lots of youngsters are becoming criminals nowadays. They can join a gang, or become a vandal. And this scheme can prevent them of doing something that is illegal. Also, I think that curfew is also important for parents, as they becoming more responsible. People shouldn’t think that all children are young thugs. Of course, in every rule you will find an exception. And this schedule was created to provide children as much safety and possible. In conclusion, I think that the curfew is a huge step for preventing youngsters to become criminals and providing them safety.

  2. Zolotova Tatiana says:

    Nowadays, there is a curfew in many countries. Curfew is a set time when youths must be off the streets.
    In my opinion, it is good idea to have such limit. Firstly, this scheme can cause a reduction in criminal activity among youngsters. Secondly, parents must be persuaded to be more informed about the whereabouts of their children all times of the day and night. In this way community will be a safer for everyone.

  3. Садиков Илья says:

    There many views on the problem of nessesety of the curfew.On one hand, Some people thik that it makes children lifes safer and they cant be involved in criminal groups because they will spend big ammount of time at home.It also helps to protect cities and towns from vandalism because if a hoodie-wearing young delinquent gets the not-so-bright idear of spray painting a wall he will be catched.I want to say that curfew helps parents to be more responsible. On the other hand, we can find people who are against of this rules and think that many teenagers are being robbed of a very important right. They feel that if youths are treated as if each and every one of them is a potencial criminal, attitude problems will increase.So we see that no one can acsactly if it is good or bad, but i think that it has more plusses than minuses.

  4. Терновский Э.М. says:

    I suppose that curfew is one of the law that is ineffective. There is the same number of crimes during the day time. You child may get in a bad company not only at night. Also, curfew is useless because large part of children sleeps at night and for other part laws are nothing. In my opinion, normal parents need to know there are they children during round clock. To sum it up, if you have no problems with schedule and listen to your parents, curfew isn’t problem for you.

  5. Tomilina T says:

    Nowadays in some countries there is a curfew for youngsters under sixteen. Many people think that it’s a good way to prevent crimes committed by young people, while others claim that this scheme may cause more crimes.
    In my opinion, poorly thought-out scheme won’t lead to something special, because ‘new is not necessarily better’. I think that curfew can be unfair for some teenagers. All people are different and mode of behavior which may cause distress for one person may leave another totally unaffected. Moreover, many of the police threat every young person as a suspect, but not all teens are the same.
    To sum up, curfew is not the best way to control teens.

  6. Елена Попова says:

    The idea of establishing a curfew seems to be a topic of heated debates. Some people think that this programme is very useful while others find it ineffective . I agree with those who hold a view that curfew brings more pluses than minuses. Firstly,this programme helps to reduce the amount of destructions of public property. Also the curfew is supposed to cut down on youth’s criminal activity. Moreover,the curfew can prevent teens from getting into troubles and keep them safe. However, the advocats of the opposite point of view adhere to a different position. They claim that due to the corfue innocent teenagers are treated as if each and every one of them is a potential criminal. So this programme could result in unfairness.

  7. Оля Стерник says:

    I can’t certainly say if the curfew is worth establishing. Obviously, the curfew won’t let teenagers get into trouble or be attacked at night if they obey it, so on the one hand it might be useful. On the other hand, i tend to think that such thing as the curfew won’t stop youngsters who are already likely to become criminals, just restrict the freedom of those who anyway obey the law. Moreover, ensuring that the curfew actually works will require a lot of additional actions from the police (more regular patrols, for example), which doesn’t cope with all the problems even without all these difficulties, it will distract them from much more important things. To conclude, i’m sure that looking after the children is their parents duty, and if the parents are careless and indifferent, contribution from government won’t really ease the situation.

  8. Королёва Мария says:

    To my mind, the scheme of curfew is a doubtful way to control the society, which is used only by unqualified governments. The ruling quarters just feel impotent to think of another preventive method to struggle against delinquency, juvenile delinquency, in particular.
    It is my firm belief that the majority of crimes are perpetrated by those, for whom any prohibition does not matter anyway. Consequently, the scheme will never have a considerable effect on townspeople’s lives. Offenders will remain the offenders. Conscious and just wholly supervised teenagers will still stay at home at night and will behave as they did before.

  9. Светлана Черняева says:

    I suppose that curfew is very useful. In some families all members of family work long hours, they can not know where their children are. It will be helpful if the police control youngsters. Besides some teenagers can be influenced by bad criminal companies, because their worldview is very naive. Parents can lose control on their children and only laws can help everybody in this situation.

  10. Polina Shelckova says:

    People look at this problem at the different angles. From my point of view the curfew is a great rule that teach youth the discipline. There should be the curfew for the all infants, but for them the witching hour is should be on twelve, because children can have some courses and extra lessons. And the information about the witching hour will prevent from coming back home late. The curfew is a good solution of the problem of the unsupervised children, because it can prevent from potential crime committed by young people at night. At the late hours children will be at home, but during the sunny hours they will be afraid to vandalize with the risk of being caught.

  11. Kochetov Kirill says:

    From my point of view, many teens are against curfews, because they think that they are old enough and can look after themselves without any help. Im many cases, it is not true. Parents have many motivations for imposing curfews on teenagers. They care for their teen and want them to be safe. Curfew helps to prevent teens deliquency and keeping teens out of trouble.

  12. Matmurotova Natasha says:

    I think that the curfew is good way that will really help protect teens from many problems. In this age youngsters have an adrenaline rush, so they are seeking for some adventures, unknowing what things will happen after. That’s why this scheme could prevent teenagers to do beyond security or something illegal. Also nowadays, many teenagers like to vandalize, drawing on the walls, deliberately frightening and making people angry. In this way they put their parents in a difficult situation and bring them a lot of problems. Also, parents will worry less about thier children, knowing that all is well with their children. So, to conclude I would like to say that curfew is a really good way for teenager’s security.

  13. Taisiya Gasparyan says:

    Nowadays there is a tendency of making curfews for youths. As far as I am concerned It started because of the massive amounts of teen violence. From my point of view this kind of law can’t forbid teenagers be out of their homes at late evening. If a teen want to go somewhere there is every likelihood that he will do it. It depends only on teen’s parents and how they educated their children. Likewise there are lots of law-abiding youngsters who are not interested in offences and vandalism. In my opinion this rule punishes the majority because of the minority.

  14. Victory.I says:

    I’ve got a strong belief that it’s easier to commit a crime at night, but curfew won’t make night street a safer place as those, who used to break the law, will proceed doing it. The behavior of law-abiding citizens also won’t change.
    As some parents simple don’t care about the whereabouts of their children, curfew is a brilliant idea to make them be more responsible. But what will be done if parents want to care about their child, but simply can’t cope with their duties because teen doesn’t want to listen to them? Neither curfew nor punishment of parents will help.
    The curfew makes some sense, but it’s not the best way to control the majority of youngsters.

  15. Irina Zhadrina says:

    I suppose that curfews help to reduce the incidence of teenagers becoming victims by potential crime committed. Curfew compels parents to be more responsible and gives them a specific reason to tell their children they can’t be out off the streets after a certain time. I think that it’s a good scheme, helps keeping the teenagers and kids from becoming victims from hooligans or those same bullies.

  16. Vlasova Alyona says:

    In my opinion a curfew – something that youngsters really need, they have to abide it, because it can protect them from different delinquencies. Teens should spend evening time at home and it will help not only police to safe citizens but they can defend themselves from violenses and vandalism. Of course it depens how adults look after their children, becouse if they don’t safe youngsters they will fail in their duties as responsible perents.

  17. Красуля Анна says:

    From my point of view, curfew is a good idea. Because teen parents sure that their children are at home in the safe place and they don’t touch the trouble. Because children should be at 9p.m. if they under 16 or at 8 p.m. if they are under 10. This scheme can to reduce the level of youth crime.

  18. Navitnyi Stas says:

    Nowadays, almost all countries have a curfew, curfew is a set time when youths must be off the streets.
    From my point of view, it is a good idea, because on night you can meet only pickpocket, murderers or another crime people. And among them can be teenagers whose parents allow them to walk at night in the street. The curfew helps avoid this.

  19. Smirnova M. says:

    Nowadays in some countries there is a curfew for teenagers under sixteen. On the one hand, it can be useful. The curfew helps citizens stay away of the criminal. In general, the most part of delinquents are youngsters. The scheme protects youths from bad influence by criminal bands, vandalism and other illegal things. On another hand, teenagers are being robbed of a very important right. We shouldn’t forget that not all youngsters are the same. From my point of view, if a teen is a potential criminal, then any curfew won’t force him stay home. To sum it up, this scheme of keeping an eye on the kids is not the best one.

  20. Чаринцев Дмитрий says:

    We live in a dangerous time. There are many criminals on the streets, especially at night. So it is the duty of parents to protect their children from this danger. So i think, that curfew can help parents to do that. Of course curfew has its own disadvantages. Curfew limits freedom of teenagers. But i think that it is reasonable price for safety.

  21. Фунтумова Лиза says:

    I hold a view,that curfew is very useless,because teens want to try everything what is forbidden. But on the other hand,curfew can provide safety for them. I think this idea should be developed better by social services

  22. Gabelko Julia says:

    Сurfew is a set time when youths must be off the streets, and that system is really widespread nowadays. Some people consider it not so useful, while the others asserts that the curfew contribute to reduction of juvenile delinquency.

    In my judjement, the curfew is a good idea. Firstly, it can really prevent many of the crimes commited by young people, because if teens are aware of the curfew system, they will be not so willing to do something bed as they can be caught by the officers. Secondly, concerning children under 10, the scheme is able to protect them from kidnapping or other crime. Thirdly, that system can well affect the parents, who would possibly become more responsible for their children.

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