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Суханова Ольга Николаевна

Суханова О.Н.

Суханова О.Н.

2010-2016 – учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории ГБОУ  г.Москвы “Лицейско-гимназического комплекса на Юго-Востоке”, соучредитель Клуба учителей английского языка ЮВАО «Шаги к совершенству», лауреат городского этапа профессионального конкурса педагогического мастерства и общественного признания «Учитель года Москвы – 2012», победитель конкурса лучших учителей в рамках приоритетного национального проекта «Образование» в 2012 году, окружной методист по английскому языку ЮВАО 2012-2013, старший преподаватель кафедры иностранных языков и культуроведения АПКиППРО, ведущая рубрики Teach Starlight Style на сайте изд. «Просвещение», соавтор учебных и методических пособий изд. «Просвещение»

Bridges have always fascinated me as a child. I would spend hours standing on the biggest bridge in my hometown mesmerized by the power and strength of the water underneath. That little girl imagined herself a ‘Goddess of the Universe’ safely away from the violent currents.

Reflecting on that childhood image, I realized how much it corresponds to what I am doing now.

It has always been a high priority for me to create a sense of security for my students, to show them the right path through the obstacles they face, and at the same time to alert them about the duality of the world.

Developing a sense of responsibility for one’s choice is another thing I teach my students.

Given the opportunity to have my little space in the big cyber world, I thought it would be a wonderful chance to share my experience.

Everything on this website is aimed at creating a safe academic bridge between theory and practice for my colleagues and helping my students with their English classes.

Once I offered my teenage students to think metaphorically about building bridges and tell me what both sides of their personal bridge would be. We did it as a win-lose discussion, and the students were limited only to one choice out of eight initial projects. Little did I know of how deep their mind would travel; they decided to build a bridge between vices and virtues. These sixteen-year-olds could have chosen passing a good time in the company of peers, simply hanging out in the streets or even maybe bullying someone; however, these young ladies and gentlemen were speculating about good and evil in my classroom.

Frankly, I felt I was doing the right thing; that was my little victory; my students were crossing the bridge I had built for them.

Having fulfilled my ambition I felt very proud.

Only then I fully realised a strong need to share my experience and passion with those who have just started teaching.

Personally, I hope that this website will help me present my knowledge and ideas. In June, 2010 I was invited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia to take part in the 23 standing conference of Ministers of Education in Slovenia as a young teacher trainer and a specialist in the sphere of professional development. What impressed me most was that though we may speak different languages, or live in different economical conditions, we all have the same aspirations and values. I have seen the generosity of nations and the desire to help and build bridges together.

Every bridge we build is truly a bridge of love, a bridge of faith, a bridge of hope.